Rare Squash From Gori, Republic of Georgia, Central Asia Now Growing in Hawaii

Protected from the Melon fly with plain brown paper bags, this simple but effective method keeps this exquisite beauty safe.

Written by squash and awe

My love of food and cultures have taken me around the world, dropping me into my current location in Hawaii. I have been loving cooking, photography, gardening, baking, and outdoor adventuring, since back when I was filling a Girl Scout sash with badges. My locations may change, and my activities continue to grow in number, but deep down inside, I still love curling up with a good book, squealing about in a classic car, and making stick-to-your-ribs meals out of homegrown goods.


  1. I look forward to meeting you at Heirloom Expo, and will bring along my gnary Gori squarsh. It’s the only thing I got planted on time this year. I’m still tranplanting my goord seedlikngs in August, and only to find out how much they’ll develop before the weather turns them off. Previous Goris have been XL’s but this one’s bigger than ever, with a month to go ’til Expo.
    Kemper Vallejo

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