Better Homes and Gardens, November 2018

REC 24 Italy, Orsara, foreign guests:  “La Daunia is universal”, In Italian Oct 2018

HanaHou The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines The Great Pumpkin Patch Feb/March 2016

EatingWell Magazine January/Feb 2016  Feature article Squash and Awe

West Hawaii Today Guerrilla Farmer Shaking Up the Squash Scene Nov 30, 2015 by Bret Yager and Photos by  Laura Shimabuku.

The Washington Times  Washington D.C. December 6, 2015

Houston Chronicle Houston, TX  December 6, 2015

Seattle Post Intelligencer Seattlepi  Seattle, WA December 6, 2015

Lancaster Farming Ephrata, PA December 5, 2015

SF Gate San Francisco, CA December 6, 2015

Honolulu Star Advertiser Honolulu, HI December 6, 2015

MYSA  My San Antonio San Antonio, TX December 6, 2015

Hawaii Public Radio’s The Conversation, November 2015 listen here

Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine Article

North Hawaii News article, Anna Peach’s Pumpkins

The Art of Farming  Click to download Word Document

Press Release: 


The Art of Farming:

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  1. Anna, this is just too cool! I wish there were more people like you who acted instead of talked about it! Much success in all your endeavors! Rut

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