Squash Leaf Identification

I love my Winter Squash, and each time I plant, I find beauty in their shapes and sizes, but as I get more seasoned as a grower, the nuances in the leaves also calls out to me.DSC_0398

Fig Leafed Gourd (above)


I am getting pretty good at being able to know a squash not just by it’s fruit, but also by it’s leaf.  When selecting blooms for hand pollination seed purity, there may not be a fruit there on the vine to help you identify it.  So if you plant a small intense plot like I do, it can get confusing.  Learning how to identify the vines by the leaf patterns, colors, shapes and sizes will help you in so many ways.  As you plant in future plantings, you can plant several different looking squash plants in very close proximity and still know who is who.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin plant in the Sun
Long Island Cheese Pumpkin plant in the Sun

5 thoughts on “Squash Leaf Identification”

  1. We have so much in common. I’m just starting my squash leaf identification journey, as I can’t remember what I planted. I have these huge leaves with white (not powder) splotches. I didn’t think I planted butternut. Oh well, glad I bumped into you!

  2. I’ve been trying to identify a pumpkin plant that has popped up in my apartment complex! Please help!! I can’t attach pictures here but would be so grateful if I could somehow share the pictures!!

  3. Hi, I’m wondering if perhaps you could help me identify a squash/pumpkin plant that has popped up at my apartment complex. Not sure how I could share a picture with you!

    1. Hi Patty, I’m not sure that I could identify it. The nature of squash is that they cross over and over again, creating all kinds of hybrids. Identifications are complex due to there being thousands of Heirlooms and hybrids out there. Let it grow, photograph the leaves, flowers and fruits, and when the fruits are fully mature, it may be possible to know if it is a Summer squash or a Winter squash. Enjoy the journey.

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