Simple Pumpkin Curry Recipe

Simple Pumpkin Curry

I practically live on this highly adaptable recipe that I change depending on what is in the field.  I use a crock pot set on low all day, so that I can stay outside well after dark.  You can use a range top method as well.

The basics:  One can coconut milk, one can water, one to two cube(s) vegetable or chicken bullion, roughly 3-4 lbs of fresh pumpkin or winter squash.  I fill the pot up with the pumpkin since I have plenty! (peeled while raw, and cut into 1 1/2″ chunks) any other vegetable of choice, including green beans, tomatoes, chayote, carrots, red pepper…really anything) two to three fresh chills (optional but I use homegrown Thai Dragon for heat) three cloves chopped garlic, two big rounded tablespoons of Thai curry paste (yellow, red, green or Masaman all work great. Look in the Asian food aisle.) Then a handful of farm fresh basil (I am currently growing the heirloom licorice basil.) In the following image, I included mustard seeds for a change, with daikon, chayote since they were taking over the garden! Cook over low to medium heat until the pumpkin breaks down into soft chunks. It tastes even better on day two.  Serve over rice of choice. Share with friends…Enjoy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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