Month: December 2013

Second Chance in the Composting Beds

Here is an example of a new “tropical composting bed method” that I am trying to invent.  Will it work?  For sure…well with enough time, all composting works if you add a big range of materials.  Here are the zero-waste salvage materials found on the farm, and donated by Redwater Cafe. Border walls: basalt growing […]


Fish Emulsion Underway

So there are three buckets of varying sizes, all draped in cotton t-shirt material, sitting in the far back corner of the work shed.  The scent is slightly warf-esque, but not too bad.  This is week two.  I am using a modification of Korean Natural Farming’s fish emulsion (natural fertilizer) method of layering fish with […]


Zero Waste Farming

A venti Starbuck’s cup had a second life on the farm as a fruit fly lure. Here in the foreground, a male Oriental Fruitfly (one of 4 species of fruit fly here in Hawaii) floats in a mild soap solution after being lured by the Methyl Eugenol drops that were placed on the suspended cotton […]