Fish Emulsion Underway

Peeking inside to check on the fish emulsion
Peeking inside to check on the fish emulsion on week two

So there are three buckets of varying sizes, all draped in cotton t-shirt material, sitting in the far back corner of the work shed.  The scent is slightly warf-esque, but not too bad.  This is week two.  I am using a modification of Korean Natural Farming’s fish emulsion (natural fertilizer) method of layering fish with sugar to create a stock nutritional solution for the plants.  Each bucket is a trial.  One uses whole fish heads from Ahi, Mahi Mahi, and Snapper, one uses only the belly meat, and the last was done properly by chopping all with a machete before layering. 100% of the fish were rescued from the landfill by the helpful local chefs who allowed me to intercept and make use of the restaurant scraps.  I am checking to see what the breakdown rates are here in the tropics.  So far so good.  Many Mahalos to John for assisting in the “properly made” batch.  I am using reclaimed plastic pails, but glass or ceramic is preferred. I may have overdone the sugar…but we will see what happens.

to be continued…

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