Dreaming of the National Heirloom Expo



Like all busy farmers, September seems like a very long time away, but it is closing in on us as we plant ourselves silly.  I have my small dream of being an exhibitor at the expo, that grew into a much larger dream after the Gettles of Baker Creek were kind enough to include my squash patch in their global touring.  My dream was nearly nixed by the sad news that my squash cannot fly to California, no touring due to the fruit fly. The Department of Agriculture person was even saddened.  But the lovely folks who are assisting in the organization of the expo noted that I would be welcome to represent our Hawaiian heirloom squash at the expo, pumpkins in hand, or not.  I was relieved to say the least. I can bring the seeds, photos, and let that represent the patch.  Now, some paperwork, networking, and some fundraising is in order so to make this happen.  Just putting this out to the universe….fingers crossed…dream getting a wee bit closer…

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