My free squash growing classes in October

The Pumpkin Primer:

Using heirloom squash to outsmart Melon fly and Pickle worm in Hawaii.

Kamuela Farmer Anna Peach of Squash and Awe farm will be presenting a talk about her sustainable farming methods. A seventh generation farmer, Anna decided to look to history for a solution to Hawaii’s commercial crop failure. She will be sharing information about

no-till farming, inter planting with native plants, seed saving, and making natural fertilizers from restaurant scrap. See her farm at

Naalehu Public Library

Tuesday 10/21 @ 2:30 pm


Pahala Public Library

Wednesday 10/22 @10:30 am

Free and open to the public

Written by squash and awe

My love of food and cultures have taken me around the world, dropping me into my current location in Hawaii. I have been loving cooking, photography, gardening, baking, and outdoor adventuring, since back when I was filling a Girl Scout sash with badges. My locations may change, and my activities continue to grow in number, but deep down inside, I still love curling up with a good book, squealing about in a classic car, and making stick-to-your-ribs meals out of homegrown goods.

One comment

  1. Aloha Anna

    This Maua from Kanu…was wondering if youʻd love to come in again to our 1st grade class (new class of 24 curious little ones) and share about your pumpkins. We will be having a pumpkin curriculum, planting, art and writing projects leading up to. Again if you are able to come in Tuesdayʻs and Thursdayʻs work best. You will come in to share with Aunty Debbieʻs Pre-K (Mālamapokiʻi) to Aunty Maya Chong and Aunty Kehea Wilcox (Kindergarden) and myself and Aunty Mālie Goodhue (1st Grade). Please get back to me.
    Me ke aloha pumenhana
    Maua Puhi
    808-557-8354 or
    or call Kanu o ka ‘Āina NCPCS 808-890-8144 and leave a message with Aunty Harri

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