Save money by changing out your own delivery vehicle tires

After getting the bait and switch treatment at our local tire shop, I decided to get even in two ways:  teach everyone how to do much of their tire replacement themselves, and not give that shady tire shop even the smallest job ever again.  After getting an outrageous quote of $1500 to replace 4 VW tires with very cheap but normal tires, I decided to to all but the tire mount/balancing myself.  I was hoping they might at least order the tires for me at a good price, but nope they overcharged from the start.

They even double billed for the labor performed for the one (I tested their ethics with one tire) tire to be mounted and balanced.  Machines do the mounting and balancing in all tire shops, labor means lifting tire onto machine and off of machine. It takes only a couple of minutes, the machines do everything.  So imagine my surprise when they added $20 in extra labor charges on top of the $20 quote.  I called them on it, and they claimed that that is their policy.

My policy is to never help their business ever again.  Be grateful for the customers you have, or they will teach the world how to change out all of their own tires.  In the first video, forgive me for having sloppy camera work, the other video I made was much better, but too large for the upload.  I had a few minutes to get this post out, so bear with me.

Why am I teaching you how to change tires on a farm website?  Because these cars are my delivery vehicles, and by doing it myself, The job will cost me under $300 tires included.  Every small farm needs an edge, this is one that you may thank me for later.  Get comfortable with your car, understand the workings, use safety equipment, and off you go.

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