Speaking at the The National Heirloom Expo!

Aloha everyone! I thought I would take a moment to post the summary of my upcoming talk on September 6, 2016, 11am in Santa Rosa, CA.

Currently Presenting: What I Wish I Knew Then: The First Three Years Farming

How could an oversized vegetable and an undersized car have helped to bridge gaps in an agricultural community? Anna shares her often humorous path to possibility by illustrating the lessons learned by risking failure in every aspect of her squash farm. Her willingness to step in and look for solutions helped her to eventually earn the respect of her commercial farming neighbors. By embracing failure, and then understanding it fully, her efforts became encouraging, living examples of the importance of seed diversity.

One thought on “Speaking at the The National Heirloom Expo!”

  1. Aloha, I live on Hamakua Coast and would like to start some winter squash that have a good flavor but are more resistant to pickle worm. Would you be willing to give me names of varieties and/or sell me some seeds?

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