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Nothing says farming like an MG Midget

The first week in October means something very special to me.  It is the anniversary of my finding Pixie the MG, stored away and facing being scrapped. It has been two years, numerous trips up and down volcanoes, and 3000 miles of adventure.  I have lost count of the repairs, but lets just say that she has blown through some U joints, brake cylinders, head gaskets and hauled more produce and compost materials than any car should.  Equally important is that all of those auto parts were unrecognizable to me before I got this car. I have learned patience and respect for engines.  And as much as many laugh at her, their cars will be long gone and her odometer keeps rolling over and over again.  The little car is so closely linked with my farming that they forever fused into a “new way to farm” image for myself and others. She has reminded us of what is possible if you allow yourself to see potential. She has been part of a charity car show, been swarmed by many kindergardeners, softened the eyes of dual cab truck driving ranchers, and even was the “pace car” for the Harley motorcycles in the Toys for Tots Charity Drive. The chefs ask for her by name. So this photo tribute goes out to Pixie, the little car that could.