Can You Even Recognize It?



(Left: a May 1 image of the month old farm, at Right: the same view with additional planting beds fully realized six months later.)

One quarter acre all filled out after 7 months of farming.  We can do it, everyone!  Every inch of soil…and it is now deep rich soil, was lovingly built with one woman (me,) one shovel, and a fair bit of focus.

One thought on “Can You Even Recognize It?”

  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your site & am avidly reading every post just now! I’m from the UK, so the climates quite different, but I’m finding your work inspiring. I took on a very overgrown 10m x 25m plot at a local allotment a couple of years ago & had fun in the first year trying out growing a few varieties of Pumpkin & courgette with the usual veggies. My kids loved the pumpkins! However, this year has been one thing after another & it’s been slightly neglected again. Your info or soil improvement has been great & I’m hoping to work on that over the coming months ready for next spring & a better organised growing season. Anyway, just wanted to stop by, say Hi & thanks!
    Kind regards

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