Vegan Squash Soup With Cilantro and Fennel Fronds

Vegan Winter Squash soup with fennel and cilantro

In honor of the Gettle Family’s farm visit, I tried to get my vegan game on by creating this lovely little number. Great for that window of opportunity, when you have last season’s squash on the counter, and new Spring herbs sprouting in the garden…or on your windowsill.


I made a homemade mushroom simple stock in a crock pot the night prior. Just bits of stems and some onion, salt and pepper, set the crock pot on low overnight. The next morning I added one can of good quality coconut milk, then used a blender to puree. Be cautious with putting the lid on tight when blending hot soup! In the last blender batch, I added a handful of the tips of young fennel fronds, and cilantro leaves. I removed most of the stems. I added a touch more salt and it was done.

Top with a pretty fennel frond. I have served this soup hot or chilled, and also have spiced it up by adding a dollop of Thai Yellow curry and serving the chilled soup to hungry beach goers.


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