Teaching With Food


I remember working very hard to earn my Girl Scout cooking badge. Though that may seem dated to some, learning through food is all the rage once again in our schools. Last year I had the great opportunity to peer into our island classrooms, school gardens, and pre-k daycare centers. I got to have a lot of one on one talks with teachers and child care providers about what is lacking in the children’s food. I learned that all pre-k classrooms have to have a certified kitchen on property. That may mean little to most people, but to me, it said opportunity. What better place to launch a food movement than to the little ones who are so eager to learn…and eat. So that is what happened. I took it upon myself to figure out how to teach the 4 year old set how to make something to eat. The result, happy young chefs that were happy to “feed themselves” something that they made themselves and as bright and tasty as a pumpkin pie smoothie (see Vegan squash smoothie recipe.) It was so much of a hit that I am expanding it this year. Who doesn’t want their child to help out in the kitchen and have a little more time with you? Be on the lookout for more of my mini chef classes to be offered this fall. Want it to come to your kid’s classroom? Sponsor a class at the school of your choice. See my funding page http://www.gofundme.com/squash-and-awe for more details.

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