Squash and Awe Podcast Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Jackie’s Organic Gardener Podcast this past Thanksgiving.  We spent just over an hour discussing all things gardening.  From books, to heirlooms, to soil building and more, we covered a lot of ground.  This interview was done the day after Thanksgiving, I chose that day, because it was the hardest year of farming  for me yet, and having just met my orders for Thanksgiving, I was so relieved that I was almost giddy. This talk shares some of the things I have experienced in my first years farming

Squash and Awe on Organic Gardener Podcast

While you are there, subscribe to her podcast and listen to all kinds of ideas on gardening!

3 thoughts on “Squash and Awe Podcast Interview”

  1. I met you on Oahu on the North Shore Seed exchange and wanted to ask you how you process the fish scraps. You’ve mentioned sugar. Any water and how much sugar? How long for it to be ready to use the liquid? I have a big white painter type bucket full. Should I split it up into two buckets? Thanks for your help. I’m on Facebook if you want to see who I am. I garden in Pupukea on the North Shore.

    Aloha, Ellyn Sollars


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