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It takes a lot of time up front in the collection of mulch materials, but the big gain is that your squash plants can feed for months on the rich nutrients that you have made for them.  I plant when the bed is new.  That is not ideal, but it allows me to hit production faster.  Being in Hawaii, our composting beds age quicker than in cooler climates.  By the time the pants are two to three months old, the beds are beginning to break in…by six months (squash grow year round here if you work hard) the beds are getting rich and crumbly.

Soil Building Initiative Launched!


These weeks are busy, as the month of October is a squash farmer’s dream as all minds turn to pumpkin.  So what better way to celebrate the season than with a two fold community building action.  This past week, I got the Squash and Awe Soil Building Initiative launched.  Building Soil-Building Community.  I have asked local businesses to “sign on” to the program by donating pure, green or brown compost worthy waste to help build my farm’s soil.  In turn, I teach a pumpkin program at their school of choice.  So far so good…40 gallons of green waste.  18 lbs of coffee grounds, and three trunk loads of cardboard to use in my sheet mulching.  30 preschoolers served, and 5 classes at 3 schools in the weeks ahead.