Gardening Gratitude

I offered seeds in an innocent gesture prior to a class on positive communication. The woman who rejected the seeds assured me that neither the woman that I had inquired for, nor she personally had “time to garden.” It was growled at me. I kept the beautiful seeds tucked into my jeans pocket and wondered […]


Finding My Voice

The National Heirloom Expo, The Squash Epicenter, The Squash Super Bowl.  I have called it many things in the past few months as I made preparations to attend for the first time.  My nervousness and excitement grew as my dreams and participation level also grew.  I had gotten myself into a beautiful mess of sorts […]


Teaching With Food

I remember working very hard to earn my Girl Scout cooking badge. Though that may seem dated to some, learning through food is all the rage once again in our schools. Last year I had the great opportunity to peer into our island classrooms, school gardens, and pre-k daycare centers. I got to have a […]